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SqueakR 1.3.0

version 1.3.0 [GitHub release] [CRAN release]

  • Added animal field for each added experiment data, which updates experiment metadata for animals field. Updated compatibility to match semi-automatic and automatic SqueakR pipelines, as well as describe_experiment() function. Updated documentation to reflect the change
  • Added Plotly sunburst plot (to functions list and dashboard) to graph proportions of collected data done per experimenter, as well as data collected per animal per group
  • Added Plotly 3D surface plot (plotSurface()) using 2D kernel density estimation to represent call density against principal frequency and call length
  • Added functions for unblinding experimenters to data
  • Added function — plotContours() — which renders plotSurface() as a 2D rendering, flanked by histograms displaying distributions of principal frequency and call length
  • Standardized some function naming (plotSurface instead of plotCallDataSurface, etc)

version 1.2.8

  • Used report package for analyses: added functions for reporting descriptive statistics for grouped data in SqueakR Dashboard tab
  • Deprecated SqueakR Dashboard repository on GitHub and merged functions into SqueakR
  • Added 3D cluster plot visualization function plotClusters() against call length (z), principal frequency (x) and mean power (y) using plotly, available in base SqueakR and on dashboard

version 1.2.5

  • Merged SqueakR dashboard into SqueakR package! Dashboard can now be run after loading the package by running squeakRDashboard()
  • Added function for calculating ANOVA between groups
  • Added ANOVA tab on SqueakR Dashboard for determining statistical significance between call features

version 1.2.0

version 1.0.0

  • Recreated file to track changes to the package.
  • Added functions for generating experiment and analyzing data between experimental groups.
  • Added visualizations including ethnograms, histograms, box-plots, and correlation matrices.

version 0.5.1

  • Basic set of functions without all plotting functions
  • Bug fixes
  • Prepared development release for Mac
  • Prepared development release for Windows

version setup

  • added development file