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Welcome to the SqueakR package!



To install the CRAN release of the package, run the following code:


From GitHub

To install the development version of SqueakR, run the following code (ensure devtools is loaded first):


SqueakR represents a suite of programs designed to assist researchers with processing and exploring data from experiments which use DeepSqueak for bioacoustics projects. DeepSqueak is a machine-vision program capable of aggregating detected vocalizations based on the features a call might have, allowing subsequent analysis of call syntax, significant changes in call features across groups, etc.

For reference, the entire SqueakR suite can be found under this GitHub list.


The tools and resources available under SqueakR include:

  • The SqueakR pkgdown website available through GitHub. Detailed information about its functions can be found under the Reference tab on the SqueakR website. The Get started tab is the recommended site for learning how to use the package.

  • The main SqueakR Package repository, and the corresponding Wiki and Discussions sections.

  • The SqueakR package itself, and documentation describing its functions, on CRAN.

  • The SqueakR On Swirl course GitHub repository. Installing this course will teach you how to use SqueakR within RStudio itself!


If you have any questions that cannot be answered through any of these ways, feel free to contact me at, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.